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Monday, 1 May 2017

Sightings From April // iPhoneography

It's been a long time since I've done one of these iPhoneography posts. Over the winter I lost my mojo for blogging, and even for taking photographs. But now I finally feel myself again. I have also acquired a new phone (YAY). An iPhone 7 plus, so I now have the fancy 'portrait mode' to use for my images. I am currently finishing my HND in photography and completing my Final Major Project, which is based on iPhoneography, new technologies and advances in photography. I already have my final piece planned which I am BEYOND excited for!


Thursday, 27 April 2017

A Break From Blogging

It's been a long three months since I've posted anything here on the blog. There's a whole mixture of reasons as to why I haven't been able to write a single word or take a single blog photo for three months. Most of it comes down to becoming ill at the start of the year, and when I become ill, I don't just suffer from whatever bodily-happenings is going on, I suffer immensely with anxiety for weeks afterwards, worrying if I will become ill again. Why this happens, I don't know, I wish I knew. 

I only really recovered mid-way through March, just in time before my 21st birthday party (luckily). Which, by the way, I had a lovely time at. Although now over a whole month has flown by... It's scary how fast time moves. One moment you're exiting the womb, the next your 21 and can't even find time to comb your hair.

I'm nearing the end of college-foreverness, which I'm having very mixed feelings about. A small part of me has been ready to leave since I started back in 2012, the other part of me is struggling to let go of something that feels so much like home. Most of my class are staying on for the top-up year this September, which for most of the year I had been completely unsure about, but now things have changed in my life, meaning I won't be able to do that year, which I am surprisingly a little disappointed about, but don't tell my tutors that.

Although I am excited to be completely done with the stress that my course drags along with it (curse you FMP), and to begin taking photographs freely again, without the attachment of college projects.

I am beyond excited for the rest of the year, I will have lots to share with you in the next coming months. Life starts now.


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Home-Made Gifts for Valentines Day

Valentine's day is one of those holidays which is usually forgotten about until the very last minute. Even though the shops start dazzling themselves with hearts and kisses the moment Christmas is over we still can't bring ourselves around to believe that it is almost the middle of February *gulp*. If this is you, only just realising that Valentine's day is approaching... just because you happened to read this post, then please for the stability of your relationship get your creative brain switched on and get the love juices flowing... (is that gross?)

If you are not one for Valentine's day and find it to be a big corporate scam to squeeze even more money out of us (you're probably right) then you can click away now.

52 Reason's Why I Love You

I made this pack of 'love-you' cards above for Bradley back in 2013 (our first valentines day as a couple). There are lots of tutorials online for these but it's super simple, you will need a pack of playing cards, (red ones are cute) a permanent marker, a hole-punch, a piece of ribbon and 52 things you love about your other half... Which is much harder to do than one might think. If you are making one of these sets ask below and I'll help give you some ideas to get you started!

"Open when we ..." Letters

These above are what I've made this year. They are only to be opened and read when the certain step is reached within our relationship. I've seen people do these but to open when you're "happy" or "sad" etc. I think these are such a great keepsake for your relationship, to look back on once you and your partner grow older together. Write these personally for your partner to enjoy in the years to come, I can see myself and Bradley laughing at what I've written.


These are what Bradley made me back in 2013... (aww) You can easily print templates like these off from anywhere on the internet, especially if you take a browse on Pinterest. Fill them with date ideas or just nice gestures which your partner will appreciate. Even if you don't get round to using them (i haven't) they're just such a lovely way to show a number of things you'd do to make your sweetheart happy.

Scrap Book

If you're someone like me that holds sentimental value to a leaf (it's true) then you most likely have a lot of crap laying around all in which links to a 'stage' or 'moment' in your relationship. Do what I did for our first anniversary which was filling a book with all the special things we'd done, been and said. You can fill the pages with photographs, tickets, kit-kat foil hearts, letters, leaf shaped hearts, cut off cat hair, dead flowers, receipts and food wrappers (all in which I used).

What are you plans for Valentine's day this year? As the years go on me and Bradley kind of just shrug our shoulders at it, but I do appreciate some roses *hint* *hint*. 
But home-made gifts like these are always so special and are most certainly worth the time to create. 
Comment below if you have any creative ideas you've got for valentines... Because I'm running out of gifts to make!

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